Monday, 10 May 2010

evaluation amendments additional information for questions 3 and 4

3) the importance of audience feedback
the importance of audience feedback with relation to my media product is vital. because without know whether my audience like my film there is essentially no point in making the film. obviously my film was not intended to go out to the wide world but if it were. before sending it out for the real deal i would need some scope on what is good and bad in the film. so audience feedback is where i can find out what people liked, what people didn't like and take into consideration any changes i could/need to make to the product. There were many ways in which i was able to capture audience feedback, one of those being on this very site. blogger allows me to post my work onto a blog and viewers are able to post feedback comments of their views and ideas about the product. another way we went around attaining audience feedback was uploading my film onto the renowned website youtube. this being a worldwide success for featuring independent film and many other genres of moving image allowed my film to have a huge opportunity to be viewed by technically the globe. now my short film has the opportunity to be viewed by a much much much bigger audience. again users have the privilege to post comments and feedback on the product and share their views with me.

3) the importance of new media technology
the importance of media technology in relation to my film was the ultimate hurdle. without all the new technologies available to me now none of what i have created would be possible. software such as final cut express has allowed me to import all that i have filmed, cut it up edit and add effects to actually make the film itself. hardwares such as the sony hd camera i shot my film in allowed me to film in such a high quality that it was almost industry standard. as said above i am able to upload all my work to websites and blogs that allow me to get feedback on all of my work, all this ties into new media technologies and their importance to me. where all these new technologies have been made available to me i have moved from being a passive viewer to an active producer (and still being a viewer at the same time). I am now able to create my own representation of myself or whatever i choose to film r make in regards to the media. this can be related to David Gaunletts theory behind web 2.0 and how people now have the tool available to them to do something about how we are represented or a representation of something, if we don't like a representation we see we can effectively get up of the sofa turn off the tv we are watching and create a whole new representation of anything we choose. we now no longer have to accept what the media feeds us as a passive audience anymore we can become an active audience and create our own. we effectively can now control the media because we can if we choose produce and view whatever we want because of all the amazing new advances that have been made in media technology as a whole.

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