Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Toby, congrats on your trousers, they look really well today.

the package: filming

we  acquired one extra actor to film the sequence, this is because we did not have enough actors to shoot beforehand, and simultaneously filming while we acted to save time and requiring less people to be involved in the process, in short saving time and effort.

the package: location

again we used the road outside our school to get our filming accomplished as quickly as possible so we can get onto the editing stage as soon as possible.

the package: planning

our idea for our video is plain and simple, the story line is literally a man has a package, drops his package, women find his package then attempts to eat his package. realizes she cant eat the package, leaves the package, another man comes along and steals the package.

the idea behind this is this simple plot allows all the shots and edits can be used easily because there is nothing else to worry about.