Monday, 14 September 2009

media film

my media film will be based on gang culture based in london and how young tens can be wrongly influenced by gang culture and how it can start a spiraling downfall in life if you make the wrong decisions. The basic outline of the film is that we have a young group of teens living in a heavily gang laden part of London, they start to mix and become friends with a local gang, one friend in particular (terrance) is drawn into the gang life and this is a pivotal point in the film and his life where it starts to go wrong . he begins getting into small time crimes, pick-pocketing etc and as the film goes on (we see a montage of him climbing the ladder of crime) and the crimes get worse as he goes on. Finally we have a gang to gang confrontation and terrance stabs someone and kills them. The gangs immediately disperse and police turn up. we then move to terrance at home and the police turn up, and the equilibrium is restored as he serves time in the correctional system.

my film represents teens in london and how easily they can let their lives slip, but it also represents how holding it together and staying along the straight and narrow path can keep you safe.

my institution in an ideal world would be like the UK film council and film four because these are the british film institutions that represent what my film is about, and also like british film my film is based a lot on realism, representing as true as possible what events like these lead to and representing london gang culture in its true light.

the values of my film are much like lahaime all in black and white and very realistic, also based around uk independently funded films such as kidulthood and adulthood, my film will have the same values as these.

my audience will be aimed at teens who are surrounded by this gang culture and crime etc, the film is aimed to reveal what gangs are like and how they can be, the crime you can get into when you look up to the wrong crowd.

the language used in my film focuses on what these teens would be listening to such as RnB, Hip-hop and rap etc, which can be very aggressive music and lyrically often relates to crime. the posters hanging in their bedrooms etc all this will relate and link to the language setting of the film. hanging out on street corners/body language. also what they wear will represent who they are, such as colours that represent the gangs they belong to age groups etc.

ideology most of the film will be in black and white to represent the dark and light that surrounds the film ( good and bad), also adding effects to the finished product to make it seem a little bit more grainy/dirty to add to the grime london feel of gang culture. my aim is to avoid the flash glamourous film making styles of hollywood etc.

narrative like any film it will have a begging middle and end/equilibrium, dis-equilibrium and then the building back to that original equilibrium, that is represented in my film by the equilibrium of the friends having a good time and walking the straight line etc, which is then disrupted by the influence of gang crime and culture that sadly these teens get into and finally this is fixed with introducing the correctional system that they are put into (prison) which then rebuilds that equilibrium.

genre- the genre of my film will be based much like kidulthood and adulthood, crime drama


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