Monday, 28 September 2009

film script



Bow E3, set in the grimy back streets of, East London our film is aimed to capture the real visualization of Gangs of London.


Our protagonist is a young white male who goes by the name of Derek, nicknamed D.

He has a group of friends:

Phil, Grant, Trigger, Frank, Pam and Lauren.

The gang that these friends get involved with is one of the most renowned gangs in east London and the names of the members are

Trevor, Scott, Danny, Boyce and Alicia.


It’s a Friday night and school has just broken up for the weekend, the brothers Phil and Grant and the rest of the gang are on the way home, but they will see each other very soon, that night a massive party was being held down the road from where the brothers live. Some of the lads have organized to pick up some weed for the party and planned to rob the local newsagents for some alcohol if they refused to serve it to them. They were all looking forward to tonight it had been planned for over a month, everyone who was anyone was going to be there. We have Derek in the background with his hood up listening to music not doing much at all being a rebellious youth.

Derek: “cool g you all on that massive party ting tonight? Stihl.”

Grant: “yeah Fam don’t want the rest of you ducking out init!”

All reply: “yeah yeah we’re still on that init.”

Trigger: “ Oi Blud you picked up the draw yeah?”

Frank: “ nah man not yet I’m linking my boy in a bit stihl.”

Trigger: “safe hurry up though man I’m cattin for a zute fam.”

Grant: “ cool we’ll link outside the house at like 8 then init, girls see you girls later yeah?” grant winks at Pam and Lauren

Lauren: “Fuck off you perve!”

As the friends disperse the local gang walks past and push Derek up to the wall and pretends to start a fight with him but then all is revealed when they acknowledge him (friends look shocked) and ask

Gang member: “ Yo Derek safe yeah you still coming to this party tonight?”

Derek: “yeah man see you boys there”

Gang member: “course blud link up later man we gotta roll init sort out some wastemans, cool”

Derek and the gang exchange nods and good byes

Scene 2: montage of shots

Background music grime kid by Wiley

We see frank picking up the drugs, Phil and Grant are running away from the local off license with their stolen booze, and grant is about to put a condom in his wallet but then throws it away with a smirk.

Scene 3: The Friends meet outside the party (Trigger, Frank, Pam and Lauren are late)

Derek: “ehy where you lot been blad?! This party ting started ages ago blud I been waiting here for time! Thought you lot ducked out fam”

Grant and Phil: “yeah fuck sake man”

Frank: “Yo I got the shit init fam lets roll deep”

Grant: “alright girls, looking fine tonight” – grant smirks

Pam and Lauren: “for fuck sake grant get over it you aint got a chance of getting with my tings blud!”

Friends enter party, they’re all having a good time, all drunk and smoking franks drugs, and then the local gang Derek met earlier arrives. Derek leaves his friends and begins to get drawn in with the gang crowd. The gang leader notices a rival gang have turned up to the party, they all acknowledge what’s going on and move towards the other gang, Derek sticks with the gang, his friends try to stop him but he doesn’t listen. A massive fight breaks out between the two gangs, the gang leader hands Derek a knife, Derek nods at him showing he knows what he wants him to do, as Derek moves off he is followed by a rival gang member also with a knife. People are running screaming in all different directions, finally an ear piercing cry is heard and the party clears and we see Derek lying on the floor holding his stomach, knife lying beside him, the gang he thought he trusted, the gang he begged acceptance from had left him. His friends turn up all tearful. Grant and Phil are either side of Derek trying to stop the bleeding, Pam and Lauren are crying, Pam calls the police

Pam: “hello?! Please help our friend has been stabbed!”

Officer on phone: “ok m’am please try to calm down and tell me where you are?”

Pam: “erm I . . . we’re outside the daylight inn pub please hurry! He’s dying blud!”

Derek: “shit man shit man I’m gonna die! I don’t wanna die man!”

Grant: “fam you gonna be fine blud trust the ambulance is on the way fam just hold on!”

Phil: “where the fuck is this ambulance fam!?”

Pam: “they’re on the way just stop the bleeding!”

Derek: “shit man, I’m done blud”

Shot fades to black sad music rolls in

Scene 4:

We hear knocks on the door, the rival gang member who stabbed Derek is who the police is after, he looks around too see if there is a window or any way he can escape but there is no option he is two floors up he will break his leg if he tries to jump out the window.

Police: “don’t try to run sir we have the building surrounded!”

Rival gang member: “fuck this is it”

Screen cuts to black music starts (eminem 8mile)

Credits roll


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