Thursday, 9 July 2009

my newspaper: evaluation

in making my newspaper i leant various skills and techniques in using indesign, i also examined other local newspapers to help create a basis for my own, making it less professional to suit local newspaper styles compared to the professional ones you see everyday. i also dulled many of the bright colours on my front page to compensate for the fact that if this were to be printed on normal newspaper quality paper bright colours never really come out well, so i dulled many of the bright colours with a layer of transparent white over the top of these bright coloured layers.

i also used classic newspaper fonts and font sizes to simulate real newspaper styles and conventions. all the adverts and extra graphic designs used on the front page were created by me, rather than copying and pasting from the internet creating these myself helped me learn how newspaper companies work in the real work and helped me learn the tools of the trade for the newspaper industry.

another keeping of generic newspaper styles is the columns in the articles, blatant but useful and would send the newspaper into shambles if i had not included it in my newspaper design.  

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