Sunday, 28 March 2010


We created two scripts for our short film. The first script we created contained ideas that wasn't feasible to shoot due to the lack of funds or actors we would of had to use. We began filming this script then cut the majority of it, realising that no real narrative could be created. This is when we rewrote the new script, which was feasible and easier to shoot.

Here is the original script:

Old Script
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And here is the script that made the final cut:

Final Script
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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Friday, 5 March 2010

I made this short sequence of the storyboard for my film to represent how the film moves from one scene to the next. The hand drawn images and annotations visually describe what camera movement goes on and what actually happens in each scene. it is not an exact representation of the whole film however an overview of the major events in the film. This can be used to pinpoint changes made to the film, since first writing the script many scenes have changed, been pulled from the sequence and replacements made and added to the final edit.

Monday, 1 March 2010

target audience

1)who are the target audiences for the short films you looked at?
the short films i looked at seemed to be aimed at more at younger people either middle or working class. no specific ethnicity. the target audience these short films are aimed at may not necessarily see the film because most short films are made to build portfolio work or to be shown in interviews or fellow students. some of the films i looked at their target audience's were similar to mine. 'night school' showing two teenagers breaking into a school and getting up to mischief. this being aimed to young teens not necessarily specific to any ethnic minority or social class but teenagers in general. Then i also looked at a film called 'easy hours' where a shopkeeper is confronted by a young male in his shop and as soon as the male enters the shop the owner is constantly aware of him and watches his every move. this film may be aimed at slightly older audiences and possibly of a higher class because of the instant pre conception of younger people and how they in a way look down on them and expect them to do wrong that higher class older audiences may share.

2) films I looked at where la haine, kidulthood and adulthood, sweet 16
these films aimed at similar target audiences and these films appealed to similar audiences. working class, mixed race/culture teenagers. the issues these films deal with are similar to that of mine. the troubles teenagers deal with who live in council estates, the little input they have from their parents. they all share their friends ideals rather than that of their parents. these films were also not massive hollywood money makers, independently funded touching realistic subjects and issues, these films had very similar target audiences as mine.

3)who are you making your film for?
like other people in the industry i am making this film to build my portfolio for possible future breakthrough into the film industry. as a part of my portfolio this film would need to appeal o my colleagues as well as possible lecturers at university level or anyone who would be interviewing me to enter university or further education. initially i am making this film for myself to boost my film making skills, a stepping stone into the world of film making. this film would need to appeal and impress obviously my target audience so teenagers of working class background, mixed cultured strivers.

the target audience for my film is mainly teenagers both male and female. This is because the issues the film deals with are of those that center around this age group and of both genders, both males and females can be drawn into what happens in the film. The social class of these teenagers is working class, because the teenagers represented in the film are of that same social class, it could be said that the teenagers in the film represent that social class/target audience that the film is aimed at. not poor people but not rich either. the educational background of my target audience will most likely be school drop outs, or the rebellious ones in school who strive to make teachers lives painful and tend not to care for their education. it could be said that the characters in the film are strivers, they are unsure of themselves, have low income and acquire possessions most of which they cannot afford so they steal it.

4) how will you measure your success in having made a product which appeals to this audience?
way in which i can measure my success are: uploading my film to sites like youtube and vimeo, these sites allow you to upload your film for free and has features in which people can comment on your film and give you feedback on your product. another way is to create a survey on the film and hand it out or email it to people you know have seen your film or who are going to see the film. sites like facebook and myspace where you know a lot of people go to talk with friends. utilizing this could prove to be a success for retaining feedback on your media product. another idea would be to hold group screenings and at the end of the film have a session with the people who have watched the film and discuss and take notes of what they thought of the film.